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I strongly believe that no one should be pressured to decide whether or not they want to work with a therapist before meeting them. I will see you (or you and your child) at no charge in an online secure session to ensure we are a good fit for each other. Every therapist works in their unique way, so I want you (or you and your child) to be sure to feel comfortable with how I work. The initial meeting is not a therapy session; it’s designed to be low-key and low-pressure. 

From May 7 to June 3rd, we are taking some self-care time. We will respond to all intake requests within 72 hours. If you are looking for urgent and immediate mental health support, call 811, 988, or 911 now.

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  • I agree to the following statements: submitting this form will forward my information to STG Health Services Inc. (La Ronge Branch). I understand that incomplete forms or inquiries irrelevant to counselling and requesting an intake appointment will be discarded. All marketing and spam submissions will be deleted. 
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  • I understand that submitting this form does not provide crisis management or urgent mental health support. If I need help now, I will call the Health Line 811 immediately or contact 911.

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