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Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you or your child are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Even though these screeners are professional, they are not designed to make a diagnosis. An official diagnosis with a mental health professional. They can pick up on things that don’t come through in an online test.

Professional Screening

It can be hard to wrap your head around what’s going on with your mental health. There are many mental health conditions, each with its symptoms, causes, and treatments. Many people experience more than one mental health condition at once. Our mental health can get better or worse over time. And to be honest, humans can be pretty bad at understanding what’s happening in our minds!

However, a diagnosis is not the most critical factor when you or your child is dealing with symptoms of a mental health condition. What is much more important is determining a pattern of symptoms so you can inform a professional about the findings. Too often, people have difficulties accurately describing their symptoms and therefore do not get the right support.

STG La Ronge Branch has now various released screeners (more to come) to help adults and parents get a better understanding of the symptoms that interfere with daily activities. Health professionals in North America use these screeners. These screeners differ significantly from “assessments” on Tiktok or advertisement-driven websites. All these screeners are evidence-based and were designed by researchers and professionals who work with clients experiencing difficulties.

Are you looking to describe your or your child’s difficulties better? Take a look at the assessment page and complete one (or more) of the screeners today. If you feel that a follow-up to discuss the results is needed (so you can start addressing the difficulties), an STG professional can be available to help – no waiting lists.

Psychological Assessment

STG La Ronge and STG Regina are facilitating psychological assessments in La Ronge, starting February 2023. More information will be released in a separate article.

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Approved Mental Health Provider

Approved Mental Health Provider