Self-surveys or quizzes are great to do when you are wondering about aspects of your mental health. Yet, many websites have these quizzes, better known as “popular quizzes.” These quizzes are often not based on research and carry limited value.

The La Ronge Counselling website now has a few quizzes that are evidence-based. Many mental health professionals use these quizzes as they are evidence-based. Each of these quizzes – I call them Self-Reports – focus on a specific aspect of the rater’s functioning, mental health, or skill development.

Please note that these Self-Reports rely on honest answers provided by the rater. These self-reports do not provide a diagnosis or identify a mental health disorder. In the near future, additional self-reports will be added, including a screening for childhood anxiety.


The Athens Insomnia scale is now online, to determine the quality of sleep.

Emotional Regulation

The DERS-16 scale was added to assist adults with determining how intense emotions impact the quality of life.

Anxiety & Depression

The DASS-10 gives some insight into an adult’s anxiety and depression levels.

Self-Report Limitations

When a Self-Report is completed, the results will be emailed automatically. The findings in the email are for educational purposes only. It is important to note that a diagnosis of a mental health condition can only be made using various methods of assessments by a qualified professional.

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