Counselling for Newcomers

When Adjusting to Canada is Difficult


For many people, seeking out therapy is one of the essential steps in improving one’s mental health. However, many recent immigrants may not know the tools, resources, and support available for their mental health. Additionally, therapy is often not even seen as an option for some newcomers.

“I get it! When I moved to Canada, I had to adjust to the Canadian ways of life, social rules, Canadian thinking, new ways to communicate, and many other aspects of living in Canada I had not thought of. And all that while also balancing the values and beliefs I learned while growing up outside of Canada. Adjusting personally and professionally is difficult at times. With the right help, you can do it too!” ~ Chris

Newcomers Benefit from Counselling!

Even though some newcomers must deal with these mental health issues, stigma greatly prevents many from seeking help. Though mental health stigma is seen in every culture, countries with more limited mental health information and access are slower at removing associations of shame from, or destigmatizing, mental health support.

The challenges newcomers encounter may include adjusting to the Canadian way of life, understanding local customs and beliefs, and meeting societal expectations. Therapy can be an excellent tool for people looking to relieve their mental health, no matter the severity of their issues. Nevertheless, some newcomers may have come from cultures in which mental health is not openly addressed by others.

Culturally sensitive therapists are essential, as they are interested to know the culture of the client and how it shapes their beliefs and perceptions. A newcomer can benefit from a culturally sensitive therapist by feeling heard and validated and not having to spell out cultural nuances and what it means to be a newcomer.

Culturally Sensitive

Chris is a culturally sensitive counsellor and an immigrant to Canada! He assists newcomers in overcoming psychological and social difficulties that may impact their settlement and integration process. These factors can significantly determine a newcomer’s future in Canada regarding mental health, education, economic success, and social integration. Chris welcomes individuals and family members by developing a trusting, confidential and supportive environment where people feel comfortable speaking about concerns and problem-solving to reach personal goals. He has experience working with individuals from the following regions:

La Ronge Counselling provides culturally sensitive counselling in English or Dutch! Each session is about 50 to 60 minutes.

Dr. CHRIS de FEIJTER La Ronge Counselling
Once I understood how Canadian thinking worked, I could blend values, biases, and expectations without feeling uncomfortable! ~Chris de Feijter

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I strongly believe that no one should be pressured to decide whether or not they want to work with a therapist before meeting them. I will see you (and your child) at no charge to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Every therapist works in their own unique way so I want you to be certain you feel comfortable with the way I work. The initial meeting is not a therapy session; it’s designed to be low-key and low-pressure with no “hard sell” at the end.