Sleep and Worries

For many people, sleeping is the last activity they do of the day. But just like any other activity – such as going to work or preparing a meal – learning to get a restful night of sleep sometimes requires quite some preparation. A recent article by CBC describes the difficulties of one individual quite well as a first-hand experience.

Sleep should just happen

Sleep isn’t something we do as much as it happens to us. It is about letting go, getting out of our way, and training our bodies to recognize the cues at night and throughout the day that tell us what we should be doing and when. The decisions you make that shape your sleep don’t start when you lie down at night. They start the minute you open your eyes in the morning.

Most people who struggle with sleep don’t need to be told how urgent sleep is for their health — they already know. They need to be given a simple map of how to live their days in a way that sets them up for great sleep tonight. Sounds easy? Let’s give it a try!

CBT-i for Sleep

La Ronge Counselling now offers CBT-i, focused insomnia counselling. CBT-i is considered the first-line, gold-standard treatment for insomnia. In 5 to 10 sessions, clients explore, practice, and implement evidence-based strategies proven to work. Practicing the skills you learn during counselling every day can help you see improvements in as little as four weeks. Research has shown that about 80% of people who complete CBTi demonstrate significant long-term sleep improvement.

It is essential to clarify that CBT-I is NOT about sleep hygiene. This is a popular misconception. While standard advice such as “avoid caffeine after 4 pm”, “limit alcohol in the evening to no more than two drinks before 7 pm,” or “minimize the use of blue-light emitting devices an hour before sleep” are helpful, there is little evidence that sleep hygiene alone is sufficient to treat insomnia.

CBT-I is a multi-component treatment that combines several approaches, including cognitive restructuringstimulus control, and sleep restriction. If you are ready to work towards better sleeps, here is your opportunity!

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