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For many people, sleeping is the last activity we do on the day. But just like any other activity – such as going to work or preparing a meal – learning how to get a restful night of sleep sometimes requires quite some preparation.

Sleep isn’t something we do as much as it is something that happens to us. It is about letting go, getting out of our way, and training our bodies to recognize the cues at night and throughout the day that tell us what we should be doing and when. The decisions you make that shape your sleep don’t start when you lie down at night. They start the minute you open your eyes in the morning.

Most people who struggle with sleep don’t need to be told how urgent sleep is for their health — they already know. They need to be given a simple map of how to live their days in a way that sets them up for great sleep tonight. Sounds easy? Let’s give it a try!

Let's Unlock the Secrets to your Sleep.

Even though sleep is a natural and universal process, it is unique and personal to everyone. Some basic principles apply, however, there is no single trick or program that works for everyone. But with understanding, practice, and learning some new skills, you can also learn to unlock the secrets to having a better rest at night.

The challenges people with insomnia encounter may include having restless sleep, experiencing quickly depleting energy throughout the day, and being unfocused, mainly due to a lack of quality sleep time. Counselling can be an excellent tool for people looking to increase the amount of time they sleep, increase the quality of their sleep, and increase control of their sleep patterns.

Group Sessions

In four, 2-hour group sessions, participants learn essential skills. Here is an overview of the sessions

  • Session 1: Introduction to Sleep & Worry, Apps to use
  • Session 2: Set your Internal Clock, Sleep & Stress Connection
  • Session 3: Energizing “the right way,” The Worry Schedule, Winding Down
  • Session 4: Train your Brain, Staying up Late

La Ronge Counselling provides Sleep & Worry Group sessions. Each cycle starts when 10 participants have signed up. Participants are responsible for implementing the skills. After completing the full group program, participants can sign up for additional CBT-i individual counselling sessions when additional guidance is needed.

Registration is open to anyone in Saskatchewan. All sessions are online in a secure video conferencing system.

Important note: if you are currently taking prescription medication as sleeping aids, please consult your health professional first before you inquire or register for this service.

Group Registration

Sleep & Worry Program

Fee: $89.00

The program fee includes a digital copy of the book.


Wondering about your Sleep Difficulties?

Complete the Athens Insomnia Self-Report and receive the results in your email. 


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