Sleep & Worry Group Sessions

Whether we’re suffering from insomnia or asleep as soon as our head hits the pillow, whether we get too little or too much of it, sleep is a big part of our lives.

For many people, sleeping is the last activity we do on the day. But just like any other activity – such as going to work or preparing a meal – learning how to get a restful night of sleep sometimes requires quite some preparation.

La Ronge Counselling now offers a convenient 4-session group program (minimum of 10 participants per group) to help unpack essential aspects of a good night’s sleep. Evidence-based CBT-i (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-insomnia) principles are incorporated with common sense principles to get participants closer to “a perfect sleep.”

In some situations, participants might need more than these four sessions. Individual CBT-i sessions are available when required to individualize skills through professional guidance and therapy.

Are you interested in learning more about this program? Here are all the details!

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