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STG La Ronge Counselling offers phone appointments, online appointments, as well as in-person appointments.

Online and Phone Appointments

STG La Ronge Counselling offers specialized online and phone counselling sessions, designed to make mental health support accessible for clients throughout Northern Saskatchewan. Recognizing the geographical and logistical challenges faced by many residents in remote areas, these services aim to bridge the gap, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive professional therapy without the need to travel.

By leveraging technology, STG La Ronge Counselling ensures that individuals can connect with skilled therapists from the comfort of their own homes. This not only saves travel time and costs but also opens up more flexible scheduling options to accommodate various lifestyles and commitments. Online and phone counselling are valuable options for those who might prefer privacy or need to manage their mental health in a setting that feels most comfortable for them.

These services are integral to the mission of providing comprehensive, accessible mental health care to all, regardless of their location within the province. By removing the barriers to access, STG La Ronge Counselling supports the well-being of Northern Saskatchewan’s diverse communities, ensuring that every individual has the support they need to navigate life’s challenges.

In-Person Appointments

STG La Ronge Counselling provides specialized in-person therapy sessions for NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) clients who travel from various locations using the medical taxi service. These sessions are scheduled exclusively on Fridays and are extended to accommodate the complexities and depth required for addressing issues such as trauma.

The design of these sessions takes into account the travel time and effort made by clients to reach the facility, ensuring they receive the maximum therapeutic benefit without feeling hurried. This tailored approach allows clients to engage deeply with their therapists, providing a safe and supportive environment to explore and heal from traumatic experiences.

Clients utilizing this service appreciate the focused, extended time which allows for significant therapeutic advances, making their travel time a worthwhile investment towards their mental well-being. STG La Ronge Counselling strives to make high-quality mental health support available to everyone, particularly those who face barriers to accessing care.

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