Why Private Therapy?

The Relationship

Through private sessions, your therapist sees you as a client, just like in any other business. You’ll play a larger role in deciding to start, stop or continue the sessions. You’ll be a paying client, you might find that sessions are better focussed on your needs, rather than meeting diagnostic criteria or treatment targets. So, if your goal is improving a personal relationship, or better understanding a prior experience, then you could find that more attention is paid to this, and less time spent on discussing weekly depression and anxiety scores.

Research has shown that the most important factor in successful therapy isn’t the approach therapists use, but the rapport you develop with them. Spending a few minutes with a counsellor or psychotherapist on the phone can help you gauge whether you are likely to ‘get on’ with them, and some even offer a free trial session. With private therapy, you can search for someone who has a similar cultural or linguistic background, or has the same sexual orientation, so that there’s less to explain and you feel fully understood.

Flexible Scheduling

You may also experience greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Private therapists tend to offer a greater number of appointments at evenings and weekends, which usually makes it easier to see them around your own working hours.

Sessions are often offered virtually via video conferencing. Private therapists usually also offer a more comfortable setting – be it a private office or dedicated space in their own homes. This can create a more relaxing atmosphere in comparison to locations such as local clinics.


Some people choose to see a therapist privately because it gives them greater separation from the rest of their life. Although services are available through clinics and mental health services at hospitals, many people are worried about perceived mental health difficulties appearing on their medical records. In addition, some people do not like to be seen entering a public mental health clinic, and therefore prefer private settings.

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