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Your Mental Health

Accepting New Clients

STG La Ronge Counselling provides on-demand, private, personalized counselling and psychotherapy services to help you overcome mental health challenges, build resilience, and achieve your goals. Don’t let mental health issues keep you from living your best life. Life should feel good; the right help can make a big difference

NIHB Mental Health Approved Provider

NIHB Mental Health Approved Provider

Free Counselling for First Nations Clients

Métis Nation Mental Health Provider

Métis Nation Mental Health Provider

Free counselling for Métis Nation SK Citizens

Victims Services Saskatchewan

Victims Services Saskatchewan

Approved Mental Health Counsellor

Registry of Autism Service Providers

Registry of Autism Service Providers

Autism Saskatchewan Accredited Provider

Your mental health matters

Beginning (clinical) therapy can be frightening, and finding a therapist is often overwhelming.

While you may be ready to begin the therapeutic journey, interviewing therapists to find the right fit can feel intolerable.

Why not attend a free 30-minute online consultation to make this process easier? Within the first few minutes, you will know if we are a good fit and whether or not we will work well together.

Most people feel immense relief after the first session at least partially because they experience a release of a buildup of emotion they’ve been holding on to for days, weeks or months. 

This benefit is wonderful, but the most impressive emotional gains are made once you roll your sleeves up and get deeper into the intervention.

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Your Journey, Personalized.

At STG La Ronge Counselling, your unique journey is at the heart of everything we do.

Recognizing that your needs are as individual as you are, we offer customized therapy plans, crafted with precision to address your specific mental health challenges.

Our approach ensures you’re not just another case; you’re a valued individual seeking growth and healing.

You’ll find unwavering support from our compassionate team from day one, in a safe space where judgment has no place.

We’re committed to walking alongside you, helping you navigate your challenges and achieve your mental and emotional wellness goals at your own pace.

Our therapy is more than a service; it’s a partnership. Together, we’ll develop a strategy that not only helps manage your mental health, but also fosters its growth.

At STG, expect a therapy experience centred around you — empowering, personalized, and focused on nurturing your mental well-being to thrive.

Chris de Feijter, EdD., MACP.

Registered Psychotherapist (Q) | Canadian Certified Counsellor

RP(Q)#14610, CCC#6333, ACTA#2641

Chris de Feijter
DBT for Emotional Relief
Want to discover the magic of fast-acting “emotional rescue” tools? They’re rooted in proven-effective DBT techniques and can quickly relieve you from intense thoughts and feelings. These powerful techniques will empower you to effectively handle your feelings and put an end to those emotional meltdowns before they take over. Get ready to take charge of your emotions, reduce pain and suffering, focus on the good stuff, and improve your overall quality of life.
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"If I had to sum up my experience, I would use the word transformational.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Clients Located?

STG has clients in many places in (Northern) Saskatchewan, including in Air Ronge, Creighton, Deschambeault Lake, La Ronge, Moose Jaw, Pinehouse Lake, Prince Albert, Regina, Sandy Bay, Saskatoon, Sucker River, and Stony Rapids.

What to Expect During the Initial Session

The initial meeting is not a therapy session. It’s really just a chance for me to meet you and make sure I can be helpful to you. More importantly, it’s a chance for you to meet me and make sure you’d feel comfortable working with me.The meeting generally lasts about 30 minutes (a little shorter than a therapy session), and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Is the Initial Session Really FREE?

Absolutely! Because it isn’t a therapy session, there is no charge.

What is the Regular Fee per Session?

Individual counselling is provided at a sliding rate of $120 to $195 per session. Fees are due at the end of the counselling session and can be paid by credit card or e-transfer.

I am a Band Member, can I get free NIHB counselling?

Yes, after we do a prior approval and NIHB approved the application, you can get up to 20 sessions per year at no cost to you.

I am a Métis Nation Saskatchewan Citizen. Can I get free counselling?

Yes, after we do a prior approval Métis Nation Saskatchewan approves your application. Intially, MN-S are provided with 10 free sessions.

I have a letter from Victims Services Saskatchewan. Can I get free counselling?

Yes, we are an approved mental health provider for Victims Services. Please reach out to book your initial appointment.


I strongly believe that no one should be pressured to decide whether or not they want to work with a therapist before meeting them. I will see you (and your child) at no charge to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Every therapist works in their own unique way so I want you to be certain you feel comfortable with the way I work. The initial meeting is not a therapy session; it’s designed to be low-key and low-pressure with no “hard sell” at the end.