Early Childhood

At STG Health, our early childhood services include developmental assessments and personalized interventions. Our professionals focus on nurturing young children’s growth and development in a supportive environment, collaborating closely with families to enhance each child’s potential.


At STG Health, our early childhood behaviour assessments are specifically tailored to evaluate the social and emotional development of young children. These assessments help identify the unique needs and strengths of each child, enabling our skilled professionals to design targeted interventions. By focusing on areas such as emotional regulation, social interactions, and adaptive behaviors, we aim to support children in building a solid foundation for healthy emotional and social growth. This collaborative approach involves working closely with families to implement strategies that promote positive behaviors and foster long-term well-being.


At STG Health, we create individualized treatment plans and interventions focused on enhancing the social and emotional development of young children. Our approach integrates evidence-based techniques that promote emotional regulation, improve social skills, and foster resilience. Each treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs of the child, involving activities and therapies that encourage positive interactions and emotional awareness. We actively collaborate with parents and caregivers, equipping them with effective strategies to support their child’s development at home and in social settings. Our goal is to empower children to navigate their emotions and relationships successfully, setting a strong foundation for their future.

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