Don't let ANXIETY Hinder your Child's Future

Powerful 10-Week ANXIETY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Combining Parent Training and Psychotherapy

Getting Exhausted about your child's Anxiety?

Where regular anxiety therapy often falls short, our 10-Week Anxiety Management Program steps in, uniquely combining the SPACE program (developed at Yale University) and the Cool-Kids Program (developed at Macquarie University). This innovative blend is specifically designed to address not just the individuals dealing with anxiety, but also to involve and empower their parents.

We understand the difficulties with anxiety most parents deal with, from the therapy side, parenting side, and school side!

How we Help your Child

How we Help Parents

The SPACE program’s focus on parental responses to children’s anxiety is seamlessly integrated with the Cool-Kids Program’s expertise in helping young people manage their anxiety symptoms. The program includes interactive sessions, where families can engage in real-life scenarios, fostering better understanding and cooperation. Additionally, we provide resources and tools for parents to effectively support their child’s journey towards managing anxiety. By the end of the 10 weeks, families will not only have a deeper understanding of anxiety but also possess practical, effective strategies to handle it as a united front.

Listen to Dr. Lebowitz (Yale University) to learn about the SPACE Program.

What is included in the Program?