Track your Mood in Apple iOS 17.

Apple has introduced new mental health features to its Health app in iOS 17, which have the potential to revolutionize how we prioritize our well-being. These enhancements include trackers and tools that allow users to log their daily moods and emotions at specific times or whenever they find it helpful. The Health app also provides more information about sleep and exercise and guidance for better mental health care.

For individuals who have experienced mental health challenges, small tools and subtle changes can make a significant difference in their daily struggles. Taking care of one’s mental health often involves self-awareness rather than forcing changes in one’s mindset. The new check-in tools and features in iOS 17 are designed to encourage users to pause, reflect, and consider their moods.

To access the mental health logging features in iOS 17, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Health app and tap on “Browse” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Under Health Categories, select “Mental Wellbeing” or use the search bar at the top to find it.
  3. In the “Get More From Health” section, tap on “Get Started.”
  4. Choose either “How you feel right now” (recommended) or “How you’ve felt overall today” (best for the end of the day).
  5. Move the slider to set your mood, and tap “Next.”
  6. Select a few words that best describe your feelings from the provided options.
  7. Choose one or more items from the “What’s having the biggest impact on you?” section and tap “Done.”

You can schedule reminders for logging your mood throughout the day by following these additional steps:

  1. Tap on “Edit schedule” to change when you receive reminders.
  2. Once you’re done, select “Turn on reminders.”

After completing these steps, you will find the daily mood tracker in your Health app. Additionally, a blue “Log” button at the top of the app allows you to add entries throughout the day if needed. Notifications will also appear on your Apple Watch.

In addition to the mental health logging feature, iOS 17 introduces the Journal app, which can complement your mental health logs and promote mindfulness in your daily life. The Journal app is set to launch later this year.

Remember, taking care of your mental health is crucial, and Apple’s new features aim to make it easier for individuals to prioritize their well-being.

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