First Approach Skills Training (FAST) Programs

Pioneering Mental Health Care for Children, Adolescents, and Youth in Northern Saskatchewan

STG Health Services Inc. (STG Health) is proud to launch the First Approach Skills Training (FAST) programs, initially developed by Seattle Children’s Hospital. These ground-breaking programs are specially designed to offer prompt, effective mental health care tailored to the needs of children, adolescents, and youth. Focused on early intervention and personalized care strategies, our FAST programs address a wide spectrum of mental health challenges, setting a foundation for resilience and well-being.

Explore The STG FAST Program Suite:

FAST-A (Anxiety): Tailored for anxiety management, FAST-A provides an exposure-based treatment approach, featuring a user-friendly workbook and educational resources for caregivers, enabling families to begin treatment with confidence. FAST-A is suitable for children with a developmental age of 4 and up.

FAST-B (Behavioral Issues): This program offers evidence-based coaching for parents and caregivers of children aged 4 to 11, focusing on behavioural improvement strategies. A two-page handout and flexible session planning support caregivers in fostering positive behaviours and establishing boundaries.

FAST-D (Depression): FAST-D equips teenagers and their caregivers with behavioral activation techniques through an engaging workbook, supported by an educational handout that lays the groundwork for effective depression management.

FAST-E (Early Childhood): Supporting caregivers of children aged 1-4, FAST-E emphasizes holistic development and behaviour management, providing strategies and insights to address common developmental challenges and strengthen caregiver-child connections.

FAST-P (Parenting Teens): Designed to enhance family dynamics for caregivers of teens aged 12 to 18, FAST-P improves communication, emotional understanding, and problem-solving through an evidence-based structured workbook approach.

FAST-T (Trauma): Focused on children and adolescents recovering from trauma, FAST-T offers an adaptable, evidence-based intervention with educational materials for caregivers and a comprehensive workbook to support trauma recovery.

Beyond STG FAST: Comprehensive Mental Health Therapy

For families needing further assistance beyond the STG FAST programs, STG Health Services Inc. offers comprehensive therapy options. These deeper care services are designed to tackle complex mental health issues through individual therapy, family-based counselling, and specialized treatments, ensuring every young person receives the care they deserve.

Personalized Care Through Initial Assessment:

Before beginning any treatment, we conduct a thorough initial screening assessment to ensure the best fit between our clients and the FAST programs. This assessment allows us to understand everyone’s unique needs and circumstances, enabling us to tailor the treatment plan specifically for them. By customizing our approach from the outset, we maximize the effectiveness of our interventions and ensure that every young person embarks on a path to wellness that is most suited to them.

Fee Coverage and Approval Process:

Our mental health services, including the FAST programs, are free for clients with Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) coverage, available immediately upon NIHB approval. Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) citizens can access our services at no cost after a short waiting period, contingent on approval from MN-S. We are committed to providing a straightforward approval process, facilitating access to our services without financial strain.

Why Choose STG Health?

STG Health Services Inc. is committed to removing barriers to mental health care and providing programs that empower families and individuals. By combining the FAST programs with our comprehensive therapy options, we offer a full spectrum of mental health support, ensuring that every child, adolescent, and youth in Northern Saskatchewan has the opportunity for mental wellness.

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