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Communication during a play relationship
Borderline Personality
Learn how DBT can Help Restore Relationships

Learn how dialectical behavior therapy’s interpersonal effectiveness skills can help restore relationships and promote healthy communication. Discover how DEAR MAN and GIVE can assist in expressing needs and wants effectively, promoting understanding, and building stronger relationships.

Sleeping tabby cat on man’s lap
How to Fall Asleep Fast!

Learn effective tips for falling asleep quickly and the recommended number of hours of sleep according to the latest research. Discover why people cannot fall asleep when they try and how to address underlying issues for better sleep.

Anxious woman looking to window
Anxiety Adults
How to Calm Your Anxious and catastrophizing Thoughts

Learn how to calm your anxious thoughts with these three tips from a psychological perspective. Recognize catastrophizing, practice mindfulness, and challenge your anxious thoughts to find relief. Read on for more insights.

Conceptual image about the bipolar dissorder and the exposition of the mental health
Borderline Personality
Bipolar and Borderline Treatments Compared

Learn about the differences and similarities in the treatment of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Discover the best therapy options, including medication and psychotherapy, for managing these mental health conditions. Get the support you need for a better quality of life.

adhd in women and feeling confused
ADHD Adults
ADHD in Women: Common Signs and Symptoms

ADHD in women can have distinct symptoms like disorganization, forgetfulness, and impulsiveness. Learn about common signs and how to manage them.