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Winter depression concept. Sad young woman with seasonal affective disorder or depression sitting
Depression & Mood
Depression Defined

Depression is mainly characterized by prolonged low feelings and/or decreased interest or pleasure in almost everything you do. This makes it one of the most common psychological problems in Canada.

Worry - young woman outdoors in city
Why do we Worry

Worrying is our natural response to uncertainty and new situations. Thinking of scenarios that could turn out negative makes us more cautious.

Woman freelancer in stress. No ideas. Emotional burnout at work
Burnout Defined

Burnout and Depression often feel the same but are different. Learn about the differences.

Girl studying among books using laptop
Are Self-Help Books Really Helpful?

Breaking patterns, coming out of burnout and living a minimalist life. There is a self-help book available for every subject, but does reading these books help?

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Screening Assessment

Various Quizzes are now available to look at sleep, anxiety, mood, and emotions.